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What Others Are Saying...

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring, it was peace." Milan Kundera

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Jonathan Berkowitz.  Jonathan is a dog walker whom I met in my previous apartment building.  I had met Jonathan numerous times in the lobby and outside the building walking a rhodesian ridgeback as I was walking my miniature schnauzer.  My schnauzer, Schopenhauer, instinctively took an immediate liking to Jonathan, as did I.  He is wonderful with dogs, and as I later found out, he only works with one dog at a time.  I generally do not need a dog walker on a regular basis, as I am usually home from the operating room by early to mid afternoons.

One day I realized that I was going to have a particularly late day at work.  Having previously gotten Jonathan's card, I called him up to see if he was willing to walk my dog the following day.  Thankfully he was, and my problem was solved.  This scenario has happened many times since, and thankfully, Jonathan has always been able to help me out, usually at the last minute.  

One of those days, I got home from work much earlier than anticipated.  It was heavily raining, and my dog steadfastly REFUSES to go out in the rain!  I came home early to find Jonathan playing with my dog, who was having the time of his life!  Disappointingly, I cannot play with my own dog and have him have the great time he has with Jonathan!  (I was very impressed that, rather than leaving when my dog would not go out in the rain, Jonathan instead spent the time engaging him for 45 min!)

In summation, I can recommend Jonathan Berkowitz without reservation!  He is friendly, professional, and reliable, and above all, has a marvelous presence with animals.  (My dog is so excited when he sees Jonathan that I am afraid he is going to pee on himself.)


Tim Vanderslice MD

"Jonathan Berkowitz has been walking my dog, Misty, for several years.  He is extremely reliable and does everything possible to make himself available when you need him.  Misty had several other dog walkers before we were fortunate enough to find Jonathan.  Many would cancel at the last minute or only be available to walk Misty at odd times of the day.  I expressed my frustration to one of the employees at the New York Dog Spa and they suggested I try Jonathan.  When I first called Jonathan he spent a lot of time on the phone discussing my dog's needs and personality.  He is so thorough and engaging, I  know that Misty is in good hands while we are away.  When we travel, Jonathan is always available to give updates on how Misty is doing and provides detailed accounts of their time together.

I can highly recommend Jonathan on Misty's behalf as well -- she adores him!!  We often run into to Jonathan on the street and she is as excited to see him as she is me or my husband.  He clearly loves dogs and has a natural, easy manner with them.

I am grateful to have found Jonathan and know that my dog is well cared for when she is with him."

--Michelle Landauer

"Our  energetic six year old American Eskimo mix Casanova met Jonathan a few years ago at Union Square Park, and chose him as his dog sitter. Whenever we leave Casanova home with Jonathan, when we return he is happy, well exercised and unstressed. We highly recommend Jonathan for both pet sitting and walks, and get to see him often on his rounds. He is ALWAYS attentive to the dogs in his care, and they seem to adore him. And we all know dogs are an excellent judge of character!"

- Chi Chi Valenti, Union Square area

"As a doting dog-owner I heartily, comfortably, endorse Jonathan as a great choice for your dog.  Bandit has been a member of our household since she was three months old and has come to work with me daily for six years now. When I injured my knee and found the midday walk hard on recovery I asked Jonathan to help out. He started walking Bandit every day and has altered his schedule as I felt more able to get back in the saddle.  I picked Jon because he is a dog person, he really loves dogs, and because he walks one-on-one, a must for me. I know when she's with him she is in good hands and that's what every dog-owner wants to know."

-  Peter Wunsch
917- 327-1033